About Us
  Company Profile  
  Launched in October 2008, MAVI Interactive, LLC is a privately held company that provides immersive game-based training products and services.  In the last 6 years the company's major focus has been creating groundbreaking products for information assurance, cyber security awareness and compliance training, serving medium and large business, government and higher education. As of the end of 2012 MAVI Interactive began expanding its solutions to higher education and retail market solutions. MAVI Interactive's products are deployed around the world where the value of cutting edge educational technologies is recognized.  
  Our Mission  
  We are working to make immersive training games accessible by all
So that all institutions can afford to integrate immersive training into their curriculum and so that everyone can contribute to the development of immersive training without needing technical expertise. Accomplishing this mission will take time, and we're working on it methodically.

Creating highly effective Immersive Training Simulations and Serious Games requires a precise formula involving cognitive psychology, neuroscience, granular subject matter expertise, professionalism and a healthy dose of exuberance. They are hard to make, expensive to produce, and they typically require a paradigm shift in training methods.

Our mission is to remove these barriers to entry and provide tangible, actionable results to help ease the transition from conventional training methods to fully immersive, experiential learning.

MAVI invested 40,000+ man hours in developing the MAVI Serious Game Engine™ and Platform to develop its groundbreaking off-the-shelf products and to enable our clients and partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for as little as 1/5th the cost and time.
  About Us  

Yes, it’s true; we are a “one-trick-pony”, and we are very proud of it!
We are highly focused and dedicated to achieving unprecedented effectiveness in ONE THING:

Immersive Training Software and Serious Games.

We develop technologies, methodologies and tool sets that make immersive training solutions easier to produce and distribute. We always seek out and address the root cause of training problems. Our standards of excellence are some of the highest in the industry and we are grateful for and proud of the amazing recognition of our work. We are committed to continuing to deliver the very best in software-based training solutions and achieve our mission to make immersive training games accessible by all!

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