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  Immersive skill development games powered by the Natural Learning principles  

We have been cultivating "Hard to Hack" individuals since 2009.

Our cybersecurity awareness products are being recognized as some of the most notable and cutting edge training products on the market. With nearly 100,000 deployments and countless user-driven updates to date, they are ready to help create remarkable reduction in the Human Factor problem.


Our Methodology:
Trainees take on the role of a cybersecurity inspector sent to a company that is under cyber-attack, to scrutinize the work environment, find and categorize security vulnerabilities, gather clues to figure out how the attack has been engineered. The engaging scenario, the multi-sensory experience with varying levels of critical thinking challenges create dozens of "aha!" moments that help the trainee connect with how dangerous cyber threats can be.

Click here to learn more about the deceptively-simple science behind our methodology which targets the root cause of the Human Factor problem.

Carefully designed support tools are seamlessly integrated with the scenario which makes the experience natural and fluid. The point-and-click interface is as easy as using a browser, easily handled even by users who may have never played a browser-based game before.

In an immersive skill development training, performance is the driver for learning. (Learning by doing) The training context almost completely matches the performance context. (Learn driving by driving, not by reading about it) Therefore the skill level assessment happens during the training, not afterwards. This means we can coach the trainee with immediate and targeted feedback and leverage the brain's natural learning processes.

Our engine's powerful data collection system is used to provide instant feedback as well as to generate detailed performance reports which yield a clear picture on the trainee's performance of each training objective, not just on their knowledge. (Knowledge does not guarantee effective performance!) This precious information helps training administrators recognize patterns and address any areas of cyber-weakness.

Use Cases:

  • Integration with student/personnel orientation programs
  • Skill level assessment before or after Information Assurance training
  • Replacing conventional quizzes following Information Assurance training
  • General level employee awareness training
  • CompTIA Security+ mapping for higher education
  • Multi-game deployment for engaging quarterly repetition

Hassle-free Deployment
If you deploy e-learning courses, you already have all you need to deploy our immersive training games. Just like standard e-learning courses, our products are built on the most common technologies that are well-established in the corporate environment. They are browser-based and deployable via SCORM compatible LMS, or our Cloud deployment portal MAVI Flow™.

Continuing industry recognition
All our immersive training courses have received multiple international awards and accolades for their innovative methodology, powerful functionality and high-production-value implementation. See the complete list here.

Info-Sentinel™ Series
The newest in our line of cyber security awareness products is breaking new ground in the efforts to tackle the Human Factor problem in cybersecurity. These mini games each take about 20 minutes to complete. Perfect for corporate deployment, they are loaded with "Aha!" moments that help change behavior. A hands-on skill development environment to convert the user's current knowledge of "do's and don'ts" into personally-important actions of self-preservation.

Info Sentinel:
Travel Security
  Info Sentinel:
Office Security
  Watch the intro video here.

Agent Surefire™ Series
The latest iterations of our original skill development training courses that "made Infosec immersive". These point-and-click adventure games deliver the training in 30-40 minutes, then give the trainee a chance to continue practicing (practice makes perfect) by engaging in the "catch the hacker" scenario. Over 120 discoverable challenges help strengthen real-world skills in detecting and eliminating cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Agent Surefire:
Insider Threat
  Agent Surefire:
  Agent Surefire:
Breach Buster
  Watch the intro video here.


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