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  Training Companies  

In the last few years, the training industry is raving about the notable benefits of natural learning practices such as immersive, hands-on problem solving in multi-sensory environments, engaging in real-world human-interest scenarios, experiencing the emotions of success and failure, and yes, having fun! We help you jump ahead of your competition by leveraging our experience and complete platform to build - and deploy - your own off-the-shelf training games at a fraction of the cost!

  • Leverage our robust platform packed with industry-tailored functionality, from training creation to deployment and even channel licensing, all built-in!
  • Become a long-term MAVI partner to take advantage of our various cost-cutting incentives.
  • Leverage MAVI’s experience in creating award-winning immersive training games. Bypass the expensive, and delicate task of creating an internal Serious Games department
  • Leverage MAVI’s experience and know-how in jump-starting your service offerings for all things Serious Games
  • Leverage the power of the global MAVI Partner Network to effortlessly expand your reach into International markets. Let your investment work for you and manage it through the MAVI Flow™ Deployment and Licensing System.

Interested in adding our award winning off-the-shelf solutions to your offerings? Contact us to find out about our innovative partnership models designed to remove the barriers to entry into this exciting new field.

See how our wide range of solutions can serve you in brining an award winning immersive training product to market, in as low as 1/5th the time and price.

  An innovative ownership model  

Unlike other game production companies who share no risk in the creation of a new training product, we help our partners reduce their risk by distributing the startup investment costs towards the product's future sales. Contact us to learn more about our partnership incentives.




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