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  Immersive Games with Serious Missions  

Application of natural learning principles is gaining ground in a wide range of education and training projects as well as marketing campaigns. No wonder. It’s effective, it’s engaging, and it’s here to stay. However, it is also expensive and hard to get right.

We have developed a unique methodology and supporting platform to provide our clients and our partners a repeatable process to successfully launch and deploy mission-specific Serious Games for a fraction of the time and cost. MAVI has invested 6 years of R&D into honing its technology and business model to make immersive learning simulations a feasible investment for even the small and medium-sized companies.

Our solutions are both off-the-shelf and custom-designed and built according to your specific needs. Our dozens of industry awards and nearly 300,000 global users (Q1 2017), are testimony to its innovation.

  Award-winning methodology and expertise  

The first step in a good production is a thorough design process. Implementing an effective Serious Games design—namely, tracing the expert's competency model, converting the expertise into an engaging, easy-to-grasp skill development environment—takes a meticulous methodology. It’s a precise combination of logical, interpersonal, linguistic, spatial, musical and artistic talents. Therefore not all serious games can deliver on their promise.

The primary elements of our methodology:
  • Competency Model Tracing
  • Determination of expert blind spots & barriers against subject matter absorption
  • Scenario development with analogies and "Aha!" moments
  • Mapping of training objectives to skill development exercises
  • Simulation and Gamification of skill development exercises
  • Structuring the in-training (real-time) skills assessment
  • Determination of data analysis requirements
  • Determination of behavioral user data capture points, impressions and events
  • Behavioral user data collection mapping (with optional time-stamped activity logging)
  • Pre-launch user testing & content adjustments based on game data analysis and user feedback
  • Post-launch adjustments based on target audience data.
  MAVI, the Enabler  

Whether you are a training executive, a training provider, or a marketer we understand your over-arching needs:

  • Minimum investment, maximum impact
  • Fast deployment
  • Measurable results
  • Target audience satisfaction
  • Industry recognition & leadership
  • Repeatability

We provide the Gamification and content conversion expertise and the complete infrastructure, backed by an on-call production team, enabling you to realize – and deploy – your award winning Serious Games projects in record time!

A winning team at your disposal:
Imagine having invested years and a sizable budget to create a winning Serious Games department within your organization. Now imagine receiving a new project or conceiving a new idea today. With a full-scale department and platform at your disposal, you could act on your idea right now!

MAVI is your enabler on your fast track to Serious Games supremacy!

Our team of experts are at your disposal to fine-tune your training program into an award-winning “game changer”. Contact us today.


MAVI invested 60,000+ man hours so far to develop & perfect the MAVI Serious Game Engines™ to help you create highly effective content at a fraction of the cost and time. Our mission is to significantly lower the cost of immersive training and Serious Games and make it accessible by all.

Since the early days, our platform has been developed according to the specifications and requests from our clients, partners and industry leaders. Your feedback will continue to drive the innovation that is the hallmark of MAVI solutions.

  MAVI Serious Game Engines™  

The powerful MAVI Serious Games Engines™ and the supporting infrastructure are packed with hundreds of features specifically adapted to quickly creating immersive serious games with serious missions. Without it, games require intense programming which constitutes the majority of the cost and duration of production.

Powerful value proposition
MAVI Serious Games Engines™ represent up to 90% savings in project development time! With 60,000+ man hours of development to date a great majority of the code needed to create our games do not have to be re-written. These savings represent a key element of our mission to make the best of training technology accessible by all.

  • Up to 2 years of code development savings
  • Full scale cinematic game production in 6-8 months, vs 2-3 years
  • Mini games or customization of existing content: 2-12 weeks

Features designed for results

  • Rapid development of immersive learning games using MAVI's widely-applicable gaming methodologies
  • Hundreds of advanced features to create immersive scenarios and to measure everything
  • Modular structure for easy customization and resource savings
  • Deployment, advanced data collection and reporting infrastructure already built in
  • Adaptively branching decision trees & scenarios
  • Scalable to a wide range of training needs
  • Built on common Web technologies (No special software or hardware needed)
  • LMS (SCORM 1.2 and 2004) compliant. Deploy just like any other e-learning course.
  • LRS-ready


  MAVI Flow™ Deployment and Licensing System  

MAVI Flow™ is an all-in-one deployment management and licensing system where content built on the MAVI Platform is deployed and managed over the Cloud.

Having a finished immersive learning product or solution is only the first step in achieving overarching objectives. Deployment hierarchy, licensing, user administration, data collection, reporting and content modifications are all complex elements essential to the success of your project. MAVI Flow™ Deployment and Licensing System provides an all-in-one solution that removes the need to build such systems to support your Serious Game.

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