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  On a worthy mission  
  MAVI Interactive develops award winning immersive training systems based on Natural Learning Principles, designed to affect behavior change. Our technology leverages the power of data harvesting in performance evaluation and skill development. Our mission is to make immersive training games accessible by all without needing technical expertise. Learn more.  
Our immersive training games powered by MAVI Serious Game Engine™ continue to receive industry recognition!
  Some of Our Top Awards & Accolades  
International Business Awards - Gold Stevie
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In good MAVI tradition, our latest off-the-shelf retail customer service training Key Skillz: Retail Store™ has won 11 awards shortly after its launch. 47 international industry awards to date make us proud and determined to excel!

Key Skillz: Retail Store is a hands-on skill development program designed to address some of the most prevalent reasons (Kenexa survey, 2011) for the voluntary employee turnover problem by addressing the root causes for:

  • Lack of Opportunities for Professional Development (30%)
  • Boredom/Lack of Challenge (27%)
  • Job Stress and Unfair Treatment (20%)

Conventional training methods and short orientation programs are often not enough to help new employees become fully effective in their more complex duties. Novice employees are therefore assigned the easier and more mundane tasks because of their low-levels of knowledge and skill. This creates boredom, deprives them of much-needed hands-on skill development, recognition and positive feedback for their contributions, as well as affecting their relations with their colleagues and managers.

Key Skillz: Retail Store is a unique mobile game app serving the majority of the retail employee demographic (18-30 year olds) who use smart phones, apps and social media extensively. Learn more.

  Making individuals "Hard to Hack"  

Year after year statistics show that 60 to 70% of cyber incidents stem from low-tech human errors. Most individuals are not connected with the potential danger and the repercussions of cyber threats. Moreover, they do not realize that the hackers often exploit the easiest avenues first: The "easy to hack" individuals. Our unique training methodology is designed to convince users that the information assurance best practices are essential to their own self preservation, let alone their organization! Built on Natural Learning principles, our cyber security awareness training simulations are immersive, multi-sensory, scenario-driven and highly effective.

  Skill development vs. knowledge transfer  

We have developed a powerful methodology to bridge the gap between acquired knowledge and applicable skill. Our competency model tracing easily breaks down the overwhelming complexity of the subject matter into easily consumable morsels of "hands-on" experience. Combined with our unique game design principles - laced with analogies, negative outcome simulations and human-interest storylines - your training content becomes an engaging adventure game where your trainees can hone their skills, and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment. Learn more.

  Game-enhanced Learning - Integration with Higher Education  

Our flagship training product Agent Surefire™ cyber security awareness training games are now mapped to the CompTIA Security+ certification, as well as various college text books. MAVI is currently conducting study groups with multiple higher education institutions around the world. Our aim is to carry out the research and development needed to streamline the integration of immersive training courseware into the higher education curricula. Learn more.

  Powered by MAVI  

Jump start your Immersive Simulations and Serious Games offerings with the power of MAVI Serious Game Engine
Our powerful engine delivers high-end immersive training simulations, Serious Games and Advergames for as little as 1/5th the cost and time!
Larger organizations, as well as training providers and advertising companies leverage MAVI’s multiple-award-winning engine and platform to cost-effectively start delivering high-end, off-the-shelf Serious Games to their users, clients and channel.
See how we can put you on the fast track to Serious Games success! Learn more.

  "Big Data" in training  

We believe that no training solution is complete without a mission-customizable data capture system. The growing recognition of the power of data collection for trend analysis and business intelligence is seeping into the training and education realm. MAVI's platform is fully equipped to capture various levels of trainee behavior data, helping you conduct the much-needed studies to gain operational intelligence around your training mission. Learn more.

  An innovative ownership model  

Unlike other game production companies who share no risk in the creation of a new training product, we help our partners reduce their risk by distributing the startup investment costs towards the product's future sales. Contact us to learn more.

Similarly, our clients take advantage of our custom game production incentives and greatly reduce the required budget. Contact us to learn more.


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