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Our Services

12 years of experience and expertise designing and building award winning Serious Games and interactive training simulations, at your service!

Excellence in Game-based Simulations

Immersive and engaging

Immersive game-based learning simulations with engaging scenarios empower your learners to practice and improve their skills.

The right format for your requirement

Ranging from Microlearning to cinematic adventure games, all our designs provide engaging constructs in which critical thinking challenges can be consumed with on-going attention.

Saving enterprise resources

Gaining experience and honing their skills in a safe virtual environment helps employees be more confident in handling difficult situations or detailed processes.

Leveraging our powerful platforms

Award winning platforms at your service

Each platform comes with a proven, award-winning methodology

Existing examples provide an accurate preview of the customized solution you will receive

Infrastructure elements such as performance logging and data analytics already built in. No compromise is necessary.

Our Platforms

Each of our platforms are created in collaboration with SMEs from client organizations and solution partners. Bypass years of development and related costs. Let's start the conversation

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  • Sales and customer service training
  • Management skills
  • Game-assisted simulations
  • Microlearning simulations
  • Enterprise cybersecurity awareness training
  • Phishing platform integration
  • High school cyber boot camps
  • Game-assisted simulations
  • Cybersecurity and IT professional certification training
  • Enterprise security awareness training for employees with higher level access privileges
  • Game-assisted Simulations
  • Enterprise training Gamification
  • Gamifying conventional training hosted on LMS
  • Game-assisted Simulations
  • Microlearning simulations

Adding Level-3 and Level-4 interactions to your existing e-learning library

Skill Assessment interactions design

Improve training outcomes by interlacing your content with targeted Level 4 interactions (Simulations, interactive challenges, branching interactions, etc.) for training and skill assessment

Reinforcing transferred-knowledge with relevant activities

Integrated testing of knowledge and skill during the training with quick interactive challenges

Evaluating learner's skill relative to desired learning outcomes with post-training exercises which represent real-world challenges

Upgrading your training with data analytics

Let us convert your content into rich interactive training with Learning Analytics

Add data analytics functionality: Go [way!] beyond the multiple-choice tests for knowledge assessment

Performance Logging

Collect granular data on the learner's progress through the training

Adaptive Learning

Modify the sequence of content delivery for each learner. Give them repetition and feedback when needed

Instant Feedback

Provide instant feedback and guidance, specific to the learner's performance

Performance Analytics

Learn exactly where the weaknesses are. Show knowledge and performance improvement as the learner goes through one or more associated training

Engaging Curriculum Design

Let us create scenario-driven training sequences with learning analytics using multiple courses from your existing library

Modernizing the look

Our experienced art department will find the best look and feel for your organization, consistent across all training modules

Developing customized versions of our off-the-shelf products

You already love them! Let's make them yours!

You like the methodology and features of our off-the-shelf solutions, but the content needs to be adjusted to your specific needs, we modify only what you need.


Award winning training games made to match your exact needs


Ready to launch in record time


Comes with all the powerful features, out of the box

Developing custom training games and simulations for advanced training missions

A decade of award winning custom designs

SME Model Tracing for simulation & scenario development

Simulations replicate Key Performance Indicators

Training context matches the performance context

Applied Natural Learning

Data capture infrastructure

Assessment built on observed performance within the realistic simulation

Adaptive learning design

Evidence-based behavior modification to achieve learning outcomes

Let's Start the Conversation

We are grateful for our clients and partners! We hope our products and services can serve your L&D needs today!

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